Its thrashed but it sails…

We bought a sailboat yesterday.  A 1971 30′ Islander that gives new meaning to the acronym ‘POS’.

It sails and that’s all that matters to Rick.  Well, that and the fact that her lines are pretty – for an Architect, its all about the design. 

It needs EVERYthing.  You name it, it needs to be stripped, sanded, filled, caulked, installed, rebuilt, cleaned, tuned, painted, refurbished or coaxed back to life.

Oh, except for the wheel and pedestal.  They are all shiny and new and we paid for the boat barely more than what this spanking new pedestal and wheel cost.  I am so glad the boat doesn’t have a tiller, I get so confused which direction to turn it – its like backing up a trailer, you have to use opposite-think…turn right to go left – oops, sorry, I mean right to go to starboard and left to go to port.

So, Rick is all enthusiastic and checking out drydocks and DIY blogs and books and places to buy second-hand engines. 

This might sound like we bit off way more than we can chew, but most of Rick’s life he’s been a DIYer.

For years he bought old pianos and rebuilt them for resale – put himself through college that way (I won’t mention how stinky old pianos are!  Full of mice droppings and dust…).  After we got married, he began buying old cars and fixing them up and reselling them.  He’s fixed up motorcycles, too.  And every time we buy a house we remodel and add onto it.

Rick has the unique talent of being able to see through the mess to what something can be.

Here are some more pictures which better show the Islander’s real condition.  Hover over the pics to see their description…let the fun begin 😉







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