Murphy’s Law, its how we roll

Rick bought a ‘bus’ so that the instruments are plugged into this at the switch panel and then the wires go to the batteries (or something along those lines, don’t ask me for details!).  That way, when an instrument must be replaced or upgraded it will be easy to pop them out and in. He even made his own ‘wiring harness’ tying everything together neatly. 

Naturally, because this is the way our lives work, he put the new switches in upside down – we looked at the switches and tried to figure out which way was on and which was off.  Finally, he figured it out – there is a tiny, tiny, itsy-bitsy, almost invisible notch at the ‘off’ side – but not before he’d already put everything together.  The switches themselves weren’t a big deal since they simply screw in or out.  But, the ‘bus’ was ‘gorilla glued’ on and getting it off?  Well, that wasn’t going to happen.  Fortunately, Rick was able to rotate the switches but it’s a VERY close fit…and now, the switches are upside down, oh, bother!

 And, naturally, that steel bracket Rick spent so much time polishing up?  Well, its too small for the outboard motor.  The bolt holes don’t line up with each other…so…good thing he only paid $25 and now he’s off to find another bracket – paying 3x what the smaller bracket cost BUT still only ¼ of what a new bracket would set us back.  Gotta look at the bright side, you know.  Rick will post the smaller one for sale on Craigslist.


Discovered that there is a gas filter on board!  Then when cleaning it up – thinking that he was saving having to buy another one for 100 bucks, he sees that the inside factory paint is flaking off…not a good idea to gunk up the fuel that way, so the old gas filter gets tossed, bummer.

 He’s made up drawings of the boat and motor and waterline and where everything lands when the motor is installed.  He’s very graphic.  Architect, you know…

He’s also cheap.  Instead of buying the proper color of brown and white wiring for something or other at the expensive marine supply store, he purchased brown wiring from Lowe’s and he’ll take a silver Sharpie down the length of it, I did say ‘cheap’, didn’t I?

We’re also thinking of the timing and order of painting – like do we paint from the bottom up?  From the top down?  Wait to do the deck until the interior is done?  Do the interior last?  Oh, nevermind!  It can make my mind spin. 

Some of this stuff sorts itself out as we go along, so we shouldn’t overthink it too much.

Oh, and colors!  Blue hull with a thin yellow stripe at the water line and red below that?  That’s what I’m leaning toward.  There are some pretty greens, too.  Paint comes in quarts, ½ gallons and gallons.  And it’s VERY expensive…a quart can be $50!!!  It figures that white is the cheapest color.  That may dictate what color we paint the boat, sad to say…but it does explain why there are so many white sailboats about 😉



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