Where, oh, where can he be?

Its Friday, do you know where you Significant Other is?  Mine is up at his boat, naturally.  Last weekend he worked on wiring and cleaning up storage spaces plus he and Austin installed the outboard engine.

This week he has to uninstall the outboard engine because it’s placed too high and so it’s only about 1 inch is below the water line.  Knew that would happen, didn’t you…

I’ll be going up with him tomorrow to help re-install the outboard, but the rest of the time I’m hoping to lounge on the deck reading a juicy thriller!  The weather should be PERFECT!

He comes home from his labors exhausted but happy, telling me all about trying to pull the old wiring out, ultimately giving up and cutting it off because its gotten stuck somewhere deep in the nether regions of the boat.

…or sponging out the leaky areas (come to think of it, he did mention that little task to me.  I might not be spending as much time dozing on the deck as I’d hoped).  Remind me to take up some protective gloves…

He peruses the West Marine catalog like some men go through theVictoria’s Secret catalog.

 Here are some ‘before and after’ pictures to show just how industrious Rick has been!

You want some rubber gloves that are so cool you almost forget you’re cleaning?  Here’s the link:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/88906122/diva-gloves-to-wash-dishes-and-clean?ref=&sref=

My sister gave me a pair and they are black with leopard/tiger print cuffs.  When I wear them with my pearls I feel just like Martha Stewart 😉


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