3rd time’s the charm, or is it the 4th?

Finally, the motor bracket is in the right location and the water intake that’s supposed to cool the engine can do more than suck air.  Yay…  You see, the motor bracket LOOKS like it will tilt the motor in and out of the water, but it doesn’t.  It lifts the engine, which means that the bracket can’t counter the sloping shape of the transom…get it?  You don’t…well, nevermind…we didn’t either ‘til we saw the thing in action.  Oh, THAT’s how it works.

Now, if only we could get the engine to run for more than a few seconds.  Gas?  Yep.  New battery?  Yep.  Wires plugged in properly?  Uh, maybe…

Rick called a local engine repair guy and he’ll come out in a few days and take a look at Rick’s set-up.  The repair guy had to go to Idaho to attend a funeral (sad), so the boat is delayed another couple weeks.

The boat is still in the water at the marina, but at least people can tell it’s now being worked on …why?  Because Rick hasn’t sat around on his duff, no sirree, no moss grows under his feet!  He started stripping the woodwork.  He brought some of it home to do – cabinet doors and such.  The stuff they use these days to strip wood is not as toxic as it was ‘back in the day’ when he was refinishing pianos.  But, it does still eat right through rubber/plastic gloves so his poor hands get a bit thrashed from the work.  That weird purple stain that the previous owner slopped all over the place is coming off with a bit of sanding, well, maybe more than ‘a bit’ of sanding.

Rick sands the woodwork.  And me?  I help by sitting on the dock in my brand new beach chair wearing sunscreen and reading a book (ebook, that is).  Basically I’m there as peanut gallery when he drops something into the water – which I’ve never done (but once or twice) myself – and when things take 2 or 3 times as long as he’d planned.  You’d think we get used to that since it seems our entire lives are spent having things take 2 or 3 times as long as planned…

We set up our old (30 yrs) canopy in the back and he’s happily removing old finish and staining the wood with a lovely reddish-brown color.  A bit redder than we planned (does the sample EVER look like the finished product?) but still waaaay better than the ugly yellowed varnish-y stuff.

Speaking of that canopy…we got the metal frame and tarp when we were into waterskiing.  Bought it from a vendor at the Orange County FleaMarket back when we and our friends, the Gantts, were care- and child-free.  It has lasted a remarkably long time.  When we got it out most recently, we had to repair it with duct tape, darn it all.  I suppose all things must pass but, after 30 years, we’d begun to think it was indestructible!  Alas, no.  We will soon be replacing it.

As things take longer and cost more, Rick’s list of ‘things that must be replaced’ is getting shorter.  He’ll probably not replace ALL the windows, only the ones that are smeared with caulking (thanks, previous owner, for your inept caulking job!)

Rick’s funny, because he optimistically thinks that I’ll be able to sew new boat cushions from the old ones.  I’ll try, we do need to save as much moolah as possible here, but my sewing skills leave a lot to be desired.  I’m easily distracted and I’ll get it backwards and upside down.  I’m really good at ‘creating’ or ‘building’ costumes – like Ninja Turtles…I painted a trash can lid to look like the turtle shell when my kids were little.  THAT I can do!

And that doesn’t even bring up the fact that I’ll have to touch the old nasty-looking cushions, blecchh…

I think I mentioned in a previous post that some wire that is strung through the binnacle (pedestal where the steering wheel is) to the engine was a teensy-weensy bit too short and he tried jury-rigging some plastic bracket to get an extension going but it failed to hold.  Rick went to an outboard shop to see if they had a toggle thing that was longer, but no, they didn’t.

HowEVER, the guy there took Rick over to the mechanics shop next door!  That guy is going to fabricate a longer toggle thingy and we’ll see if that works…wouldn’t it be lovely.

Rick has read the West Marine catalog from front to back and back to front and front to back again.  He’s searching online for the best deals and researching everything up the wazoo!  Which GPS to buy, which stereo/radio?  Yeah, anyone who knows Rick knows that nothing in his possession is without a good stereo – well, except his motorcycles.  He didn’t like farings so never had a stereo on his bike.  Pondering which paint and which lights and so forth and so on is keeping the man busy!  And, he’s taking advantage of all the coupons and sales that he can, cuz his mama didn’t raise no fool 😉


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