Where to go on the 4th?

Last week we were wondering where to go on Independence Day and realized that question pretty much has a permanent answer:  To The Boat!

Rick is still working on it at least 1 day a week, sometimes 2 and sometimes, but rarely, 3 days.  There are some good things about being slow at work, one of them is time to work on your hobbies.  Of course, the down side to being slow at work is there isn’t much moolah to pour into one’s hobbies!  If he isn’t up where the boat is docked, then he’s sanding and finishing the bits and pieces here in our backyard/parking lot.

However, Rick still needs to devote more elbow-grease than money so off we went.  I and my still-relatively-new beach chair and he with his terry-cloth sweatband and pile of work towels.

We have a tarp draped like a Boy Scout pup-tent over the boom to help keep from getting sunstroke and Rick spent his time happily rollering and brushing finish on the wood from tip to tail, stem to stern.

He’s on the second coat now and this weekend he’ll put on the 3rd coat.  The outboard engine expert is meeting Rick there on Saturday and now we’ll find out what is going wrong with it.  Once the engine works (fingers crossed), then its only a week or so till he motors on up the Napa River to the dry dock and begins the dirty work of sanding off the old paint and giving the old girl a new paint job.

Paint is darn expensive!  The ugly colors are cheaper, natch, but I think we will regret not painting the boat a color we are enthusiastic about just to save a couple hundred bucks…yes, it could cost about 700 bucks to paint a little 30 foot sailboat and that’s with Rick doing the work himself!  Marine quality stuff ain’t cheap.  Oh, I know, you with your 75 foot sailboat might be snickering behind your hand at our penny-pinching efforts, so this is me, throwing a raspberry at you!


Anyway, here are some pictures of the woodwork that’s been given just tender, loving care by my husband.

You can see the stripper around the windows. The wall to the right is so yellow with aging finish. Rick’s taped off the racing plaques to protect them.

You can see the partially stripped wall, the ugly finish at the right.

Here’s the new stain, so beautiful.

Now that I’ve had my sewing machine fixed I’m primed and ready to make new cushions.

…something tasteful with palm trees…in a sort-of-like-this-but-not-really way…

I’m going to create patterns from the old material – if I could just bring myself to touch it 😉