Nothin’ much happens

We wake up leisurely and head off to breakfast at Steamers.  We’d thought they were just a coffee and pastry place but they have a good breakfast menu and I had the best yogurt, fruit and granola bowl ever!

Neither Rick nor I remembered to bring shampoo…well, he never remembers so I’m the one who forgot to bring shampoo.  We need to find a store in Old Sac that sells sundries.  And apparently, there aren’t any.  None, not one of the stores sell that sort of thing, so we have to find a hotel and check out their gift shop.  You’d think there would be at least 1 store that sold the sorts of things that travelers find themselves in need of, but no.

At the first hotel the gift shop is closed for either lunch or a bathroom break.  Of course it is.

There’s a museum a block or so away,  Crocker Art Museum .  Part of it is housed in a lovely old mansion but since the interior has been remodeled to house art, Rick isn’t interested in seeing how they ‘messed up’ the original interior…too sad for him to see that…so we’re off to another hotel to see if their gift shop is open.  Although we do first check out their gift shop and I find a little something for my sis-in-law Ruth’s Christmas stocking next year!  Tee-hee

Crocker museum.jpg

Part of the Crocker Art Museum

The next hotel’s gift shop is open!  It is!  Yay, we can now wash our hair!  OK, just Rick is washing his hair, I’m not washing my hair.  The marina doesn’t have shower or laundry facilities for boaters, dang it, so we are stuck using our boat’s shower.  Its the first time we’ve used the shower and it works just fine.  We have hot water and EVerything!  But there isn’t the pressure I need to power  through my hair!


You know what I mean?

Rick has one chore today and that’s to finish getting the mast anchor lines attached.  What are they called…oh, right, ‘stays’.  There are 4 of them, 2 angled back (aft) and 2 angled forward.  Every time we come up to a bridge that’s too low, we have to unhook the front ones and lower the mast.  Its not difficult because they have quick-release fasteners so its not a big deal…especially now that we’ve done it so many times!

Its so different doing things on this boat than on the sailboat.  The sailboat I felt like everything was just this side of panic.  I was always on edge thinking of contingency plans if something happened.  Plus I always had to jump off the sailboat onto the dock and despite the fact that it never ever ever happened, I always worried that I’d trip over cable rail at the bow – which was where I was jumping off from – or trip on the uneven surface of the old docks


Not QUITE this bad, but almost!


or the cleats on the docks,


These always have my name on them!

or fall into the water and get crushed by the boat as it pulled into the slip!  Seriously, I’m ridiculous.  My husband is McGyver and I need not be in panic mode!

After that little bit of work is done – of course, we got the stays on backwards and had to redo them – we go ashore and wander around the stores.  There’s a fancy theater at the Downtown Commons (DOCO) and we always plan to see a movie when we’re on vacation.  Believe it or not, we still haven’t seen Star Wars…which is rather pathetic cuz when we were first married we’d stand in line for hours to see movies like that.  Now, our time is worth more, I guess, or being among the first to see or do something isn’t all that important…or maybe our priorities are completely wrong and we should again stand in line to see epic movies!

At what point in your lives did you stop standing in line like that?  …for the most popular toy for your kids?  …for concert tickets?


Monopoly Millenium in tin box!

I called all over the place to find this Monopoly game for my kids and, even then, failed and had to buy it after Christmas, instead…oh, the heartbreak…I’m pretty sure the boys were damaged for life.


We have dinner on the boat and its superb smoked salmon that a friend of my mom’s gave to us.  Oh, so good!

After that its a quiet evening in the cabin with the blinds pulled down most of the way.  Another bummer about this marina is that its a public dock, so anyone can wander down it.  Usually you can walk on the dock all the way to the other side of the bridge and back up to shore, but for the New Year’s Eve event they’ve removed a piece of the dock so boats can be on both sides of it.  Its a popular dock, too, so people are walking around till 11pm or so.  That’s OK, since we always lock up when we leave Maggie but still, irritating to have people peeking in all the time.  Since Maggie is unique, we get a lot of that.


On a less crazy weekend…image via Wikipedia

I’m in my jammies loving the lounging around, reading a book, when I feel Maggie lurch a bit like someone’s come onboard.  And, indeed, someone HAS as the back cabin door opens right beside me.

A sweet drunk young man introduces himself – Darren – and asks how we’re doing and we chat for a bit.  He’s looking for a party and there is definitely NOT one going on in this boat!  He wishes us a good night, closes the door and meanders down to the next boat and then the one after that til we lose sight of him.

Ah, another adventurous day on The Maggie!  😉





One response to “Nothin’ much happens

  1. Good times Holly, thank you for taking the time to share. I guess you made the right choice (switching sides) as you feel so much more comfortable. I had a chance to go on a couple boats similar to yours recently, I am sure my wife would feel the same way, very secure feeling. I wont be looking for any opportunities to take her on them, dont need another boat.

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