On the Eve of NYE

Saturday before New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve Eve…we’ve got nothing to do and all day to do it!  Its nice to have no agenda for a change.

Rick is checking the engine fluids, topping off oil and transmission fluids.  We have special absorbent pads down in the bilge to soak up any leaks.  Ms Maggie is leaking transmission fluid but it doesn’t seem to be when we’re under way, only after she’s been sitting.  He’ll be contacting Just In Time again to do some investigating and also to replace some of those little things that break down over time and you don’t want to wait until they do because then its the worst time possible and you’ll find yourself in a pickle, having to squeeze your butt into a tiny crevice, muttering curse words and wielding a crowbar and a hammer to get some rusted-in-place nut off the most important bolt of your life!

rusty bolt.jpg

For help on removing rusty bolts/nuts:  Popular Mechanics

We wandered around Old Sac yet again and, this time, went into the Christmas store – which is connected to one of those stores that has cooking utensils and gadgets of all kinds.  Those are fun, aren’t they!  I have to keep saying to myself, no, you don’t need a special plastic fridge-saver for your avocados…no, you don’t need any of those tiny spoons/whisks/whatever-it-happens-to-be.  I have a tomato-saver and a banana saver – have you ever used one?  I’m giving away the banana saver – who doesn’t use an entire banana at a time?


It clips onto the open end of the banana that, for some peculiar reason, you aren’t able to finish

Side note:  We have a Victorian village and Rick has an old train that we set out under our Christmas tree some years.  Guess what?!?  There exists a Margaritaville village!  How cool is that?!?  Oh, you’ve probably already seen them.  I had no idEa!  I’m gonna have to look for them online, though, check out EBay or something because those were darn exPENsive!


Have I mentioned that we are completely boxed in by boats now?  The Chris Craft in front of us has THREE boats rafted up next to it all in a row and ALL of them Chris Crafts that pretty much line up height-wise so you can almost easily walk from one to the next.

Another boat has tied up to the BACK of the last boat in front of us, so he is floating beside us now.  This boat has a blow-up HOT TUB on the back!  Ha!


Back of that boat, under all the bubbles, is a hot tub!  

The owners are all friendly and love talking about boats – theirs and anyone else’s.  They’ve also known each other for years.  Fortunately, even though they keep music on all the time and party until the wee hours of the night, they don’t bother us at all!  They even invite us over for the party!

You can tell from the photo above, that these crazy kids are really, really, really into festive lights!  Disco balls, strobes, LED strings on their boats, such fanciness.  If it weren’t for a little string of lights that we received at Christmas, we’d look pathetic in comparison.  As it is, we’re saying, “Hey, we know how to have fun, too!” in a whiny voice.


Sort of like these

In anticipation of going to a party(!), we are on the lookout for some wine…alas, except for the restaurants we couldn’t find ANY wine for sale in Old Sac and no shops close by, either.

So we bought a bunch of chocolate to take, instead.

We have dinner at Fat City, formerly owned by a guy whose last name was Fat.  I had an excellent apple salad with thyme vinaigrette dressing…soooo good.

Back to the boat to finish up the blog post about Fleet Week and we watch the movie Daddy’s Home on my HP Laptop, which I love, btw…loveLoveLOVE, and am using right NOW!

The movie ends and the party on the other boats is still not going on yet, they must begin about the time I’m ending…so much for our string of lights saying we know how to have fun!  We do know how to have fun, we DO…just a lot earlier than most people, I guess 😉


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