Its finally here!  The last day of this crazy 2017.

We have breakfast again at Steamers and I, again, have the best granola/yogurt/fruit combo EVER!

Then we clean up the boat for company and do some people-watching until Rick’s family arrives to spend the day.  We all walk to the boat and sit around for lunch-time snacking and talking for awhile and then we wander around the shops again and I end up buying the first present for next Christmas!  Its for you, Susan!  I also found a lovely and funky scarf for my sis-in-law’s birthday (which already happened so I’m not spilling any secrets here).


I can hardly believe I found a photo of the scarf on!  (hahaha)

Then its back to Ms Maggie for more snacking and chatting.  Some of the family takes off for better parties than we can offer 😉 and the rest of us go to dinner at Fat City.

People have begun to arrive for the fireworks, but it isn’t as crowded as we thought it might be.  Although, we’re headed down to the boat, so maybe it will get more crowded up there in the next hour or so.  We are very glad to find that there is Security keeping riff-raff from going down to the pier.


Keystone Kops

It could get insane if too many people squeezed onto the docks, they could easily fall into the water.

We set up chairs on the flybridge, where the best view is.  More and more boats have piled in around the docks to watch the show and there are even some boats anchored in the river.  Most of them have party lights!  Playing loud music!  What a fun environment!


All you can see of Ms Maggie is our mast!  4th row, far left.

Everyone is feeling positive and hopeful and looking forward to a new year…screw that old 2017!  2018 will be entirely fresh and we will all love one another and be kind to one another!


OK, but we can try, can’t we?

The fireworks were outstanding!  Pictures don’t do them justice, naturally, but this one of the firefall off the bridge is pretty close.

fire fall.jpg


We were crazy close to them and the ash was falling all over the place.  Big chunks of ash, like a giant was smoking a cigar and tapping the ash onto us.   Fascinating to be so close to where the fireworks were being set off.  Totally cool.

After the show, we go back inside the cabin and warm up a bit before the parental units and Rick’s sister, Ruth, drive home.


Rick’s Mom, sister Ruth, Dad, me!

After that, its still early – the fireworks go off at 9pm, not midnight, so we could go to the party on the neighboring boats , but…we are fuddyduddies.  We don’t much like making small-talk.  As we say every year, “maybe next year”.  Ha!  I know…we are ridiculous…or are we exactly like you…what did you do for NYE?

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